Our Donut Empire Family


Donut Empire is here to re-invent how we say I love you, thankyou, I'm Sorry, Please be mine, Congrats, Be my Bridesmaid, Happy Birthday, Goodbye - and everything in between even the scheduled cheat day.

We are a family passionate about a few things - Sweets, Creating, Community & believe it or not fitness.

We believe on a special occasion or that random cheat meal - Spoil yourself with top quality items.

Let's all say no to boring treats on cheat day or boring gifts!


2017 marked an amazing year for the start up Donut Empire - Being named Finalists 2017 for Gold Coast young entrepreneur awards in Hospitality, tourism and events division. We congratulate the other finalists in all divisions, and look forward to growing our Donut Empire Family.



Owning a Donut Shop, than expanding into a full range of desserts and treats including a online lolly shop wasn’t even on our radar for Sammy Jo.

We suddenly found ourselves on quite the sweet adventure. The first 6 months were rather hectic with so much happening and so much to learn.

Not just learn about different textues, tastes but what combinations could work well together to not just sell retail but to create amazing desserts for our customers as well. It was hard work, sweat and tears.

But we’ve had a blast finding out.

We are dedicated to bringing in the BEST range of donuts, desserts, drinks, snacks and lollies. We may be small premises but we are jam packed with all sorts of delicious treats.

~Sammy Jo + Donut Empire Donutter family