DE Licences

Flagship Store

The world’s first Donut Empire was opened in 2017 at Mackay, Queensland, Australia. This was a location that was strategically chosen for greatest impact as well as experimenting with regional communities with untapped potential.  In October 2017 we moved our pop up trial concept to its new location in Sydney Street, Mackay, Queensland.

2017 - Gold Coast delivery and store opened. 
2020 - Gold Coast delivery services continues during Covid 19.


New Locations

We have a list of many areas which we will be strategically positioning our new stores in places that are easily accessible and are recognised for their culture. We continue to be contacted by more people wanting our brand/services in their areas and look forward to partnering with like minded persons to extend these services.



Head Office's commitment to advertising, marketing and promotional activity is the driver behind much of its success story. With global recognition and appeal, the brand has gone from an unknown entity to a household name within the short span of less than a few years in a area where most people said wouldn't work. Now it is deemed as more than just a presence, but a leader within the cheat treat world, making it the envy of its competitors and the preferred place for its customers.



Our mission is to create a brand and a family of owners and a family of our customers. Our customers are the inspiration and we always want to work hard to offer them the best  experience on earth.


Our brand

A happy, bright, modern and sleek brand. We have chosen to test the waters at time with our cheeky marketing and ideas. Head office is always on the lookout for ideas and inspirations nationally and internationally and even in their dessert dreams.


Training & Support

Our licence holders are an extension of our sweet family. We offer ongoing training and support and are accessible, just like good family should be.